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Phil Hart is a proven champion of
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Idaho Voting Information

Phil Hart believes in and passionately supports:

Pro – Life

Phil is a consistent Pro-Life advocate with a consistent voting record on Pro-Life issues 2004-2012.  Phil believes life begins at conception and the unborn child has God-given rights to life protected by the United States Constitution.   The American people should not be forced through taxation to pay for abortions.

Pro Gun Rights

The Second Amendment is not negotiable, nor shall we allow any infringement of our Second Amendment rights.  Phil co-sponsored the Firearms Freedom Act (HB589) that was passed into law in 2010.

Low Taxes/Small Government

Phil believes Government is too large and taxes are too high.  He supports reduction in the size of government and the amount of taxes levied on the citizens.  Phil authored legislation to eliminate the grocery tax (HB 82) in 2007 and HB 454 in 2010 to replace the income tax with an increase in the sales tax in Idaho.

Transparency in Government

Government must be open and transparent in all its transactions.  Phil wrote the Transparency in Government legislation – HB263 (2009) and HB699 that was passed into law in 2010 requiring the State of Idaho and the School District checkbooks be posted online.

State Control of Idaho Lands

Phil supports the return of Federal Lands in Idaho to the State and the protection of State’s rights over Federal encroachment. He wrote the Wolf Emergency Bill, HB343 that was passed into law in 2011.

Food Freedom

Phil believes that foods grown, produced and sold in Idaho are beyond the authority of Congress to regulate.  He wrote HB431 – the Farm Freedom Act, and HB700 – the Idaho Farm Freedom Act in 2012 to strengthen local agriculture economies.

Parental Choice

Phil emphatically supports creating opportunity for educational choice.  Parents who choose schooling for their children outside of the public school system should not have to pay twice for their children’s education.

Civil Liberties and our Constitutional Rights

The protection of Civil Liberties is key to a free State, according to Phil.  He supported legislation that opposed unconstitutional federal mandates on the State of Idaho.  Phil wrote HB541 in 2010 ensuring Idaho Driver’s Licenses had no RFID chip and HB606 in 2008 that outlawed the implementation of the Federal Real ID card in Idaho.  He also sponsored legislation regarding full body scanners in airports, HB 573 – 2010.

Business Climate

As a small business owner himself, Phil understands the need to ease the burdensome taxes and regulations stifling Idaho’s small businesses, and taking our jobs with them.  Attracting new business and jobs requires a business-friendly environment.  Phil wrote HB454 in 2010 to eliminate personal income tax and HB218 in 2009 to eliminate mandatory fire sprinklers.

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