Phil Hart teaching a class on Sound Money.
Phil Hart teaching on sound money

Phil Hart at the Lucky Friday Mine.
Phil Hart at the Lucky Friday mine

Phil Hart at a Transportation Symposium in Victoria, B.C.
Phil Hart at the transportation symposium

Phil Hart and a group of Arizona citizens just before an all night watch of the Mexican border.
Phil Hart with friends at the border

Phil Hart in Session (second from left, second from top row).
Phil Hart in session with the Idaho Legislature

Phil Hart speaking to the Federalist Society at the U of I Law school.
Phil Hart speaking to the Federalist Society at University of Idaho

Representatives Vito Barbieri and Phil Hart presenting Ryan Davidson an award.
Phil Hart and Vito Barbieri presenting Ryan Davidson award

Phil Hart working GOP Booths at the Kootenai County Fair.
Phil Hart working the Republican campaign booth

Here is Phil, campaigning for the GOP at another fair.
Phil Hart campaigning for GOP at fair.

Phil Hart and Republican Liberty Caucus Directors – with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.
Phil Hart with Liberty Caucus and Rand Paul

Phil Hart and Law School Professor Kris Kobach on KCMO 710 in Kansas City, MO discussing wolves and illegal immigration.
Phil Hart on the air with Rand Paul in Kansas City

Phil Hart on the Mexican border.
Phil Hart on the Mexican border

Phil Hart with one of his engineers at Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho.
Phil Hart at Gowan Field

Three strong Conservative Representatives for Idaho!!
Phil Hart and Raul Labrador

Phil Hart publicly reading the Declaration of Independence, at Independence Point in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
Phil Hart reading the Declaration of Independence


Phl Hart and another Patriot friend getting suited up to look for Redcoats.
Phil Hart the Minuteman









Phil after competing in the Leadman Triathlon at Silver Mountain – celebrating with a friend after both surviving the skiing, biking and running to benefit the Rotary.


Proud Papa, with the one and only, smart, talented and beautiful Sarah.
Phil Hart at dinner with daughter Sarah

Phil Hart loves the mountains. Here he is hiking with his daughter Sarah.
Phil Hart hiking in the mountains